Why Am I Here?

Hannah McCann


Eng 322

Why Am I Here?

At one point or another, my Irish ancestors made the trek to the States and jotted down “McCann” in the official book of names. Meanwhile, the Canadian Algonquin tribe dabbled between the borders of Canada and North America. In the midst of this, and after a few different encounters with some German folks, I came about. By this time, my family had planted their roots here in good ol’ Washington. In this place, I have found my love for the outdoors, the community that supports me, and my path for success.

The Pacific Northwest is where I have grown up and established a home. Here, my family has built an army of our own. Washington, specifically Puyallup, is a place that I plan to stay and form a family of my own. I hope my kids grow to appreciate every aspect of the PNW that I do. I want them to learn to love the smell of the rain after the ground had been warmed for 3 consecutive days. It doesn’t happen every day. I want them to love the dew-covered lawns that wets their shoes before they even get to school. Embrace those damp socks that dry just in time for recess to attack again. I want them to know the cozy feeling of being in their winter sweaters on a crisp winter morning. Sometimes it’s not warm enough. I want them to know what a cup of steaming cocoa taste like after the world’s most epic snowball fight. Always winning the snowball fight, of course. I want them to feel the sun shining in their face while it is still a biting 45 degrees out. When we all think we can dress less warm when the sun is up. I want them to hear the dried leaves crunch beneath their feet. I want them to crave the mountains and experience a board strapped to their feet while going 40mph. I want them to feel all the things I felt as I’ve grown up here.

My foundation is set. The people who have placed their roots in the same place as mine have become my support system. From kindergarten to now I still have some of the same friends I rely on. The loyalty and trust I have instilled in them is something I can’t replicate anywhere else. Friends, family, coaches, teachers… this community has an unbreakable bond. These are people I continue to return to for advice. This “place” has given me human resources that could move thousands of miles away and still have my back. All ages spread their wisdom throughout the small town of Puyallup. My friends have become family, and although we are in different geographical locations, we know where our roots are. Home is in Washington; and when things get tough, we know where to go; home. The time I have spent in my hometown has allowed me to gain more and more supporters to join me in my journey of a life as I follow them in theirs.

Through the people I have met and the activities I have done, my path has been formed. The sports I have participated in have shown me teamwork and taught me how to challenge myself. I have learned to push myself to points I never thought were possible. My education has prepared me for where I am now. Taking honors and AP courses while balancing my athletics have helped me with my college schedule. I am at a completely new stage in life where I no longer am completely booked from 8am to 9pm. This is when I had to lean on family and friends to help guide me through. My future is slowly approaching. School has shown me what I want my future to look and the career I want to pursue. I know my passions and my strengths, college is allowing me to grow in those strengths and become even more passionate about my studies. My course has laid out perfectly. I stayed close to home which allows me to save money in order to teach abroad after I graduate. I have family close enough to help with the small aspects of college that allows me to save money for my travels. Leaving or going to another college would not have provided me with this same opportunity and I am extremely grateful for this gift. The relationships I have here give me jobs like babysitting and coaching to help financially along my journey. My local jobs I had throughout high school are still accessible throughout college, and because I have built that respect, they are flexible with my college schedule. Puyallup is still very much a part of my path. 

I couldn’t imagine my life growing up and being established anywhere else. Whatever drove my ancestors to station our army of a family here, was doing it right. I am here in Puyallup, Washington because of my deep love for the outdoors, the support, and the opportunities it provides me with. I hope these interests and appreciations carry on for years and years to come. This. Is. Why. I. Am. Here.