Poem: Water Has Memory

Water Has Memory

a glass on the nightstand; 

tepid, half empty.

a streaming reminder, 

water has memory.

pores open with perspiration.

hands stretch in desperation. 

the space between is non-existent,

but consistent and persistent.

it floods the room with fragrance of passion

and breaks all laws surrounding fashion.

with every breath, temperatures rise.

currents, tides, the body sighs.

a rush flows through every extremity,

a glance at the nightstand, water has memory. 

dripping in exchange, slumber takes over.

a confluence, a new found lover. 

cascading together like tectonic plates 

the bodies form; frozen lakes.

eyes close, limbs laze,

thirst quenched, mind dazed.

contact keeps warmth confined. fulfilled. flushed. 

the glass on the nightstand still untouched.

water has memory.